BRP Optional Rules

This campaign uses the Chaosium Basic Roleplaying (BRP) System and the Classic Fantasy (CF) monograph. The following optional rules from BRP and CF are used:

Power Level: Normal

Character Creation Options

  • Choosing Characteristic Values (page 16) is NOT USED.
  • Higher Starting Characteristics (page 16) is NOT USED.
  • Education/Knowledge Roll (pages 24, 27, 28) is NOT USED.
  • Cultural Modifiers (page 38) is USED for different player races. See the Player Character Races page.
  • Point-based Character Creation (page 19) is NOT USED.
  • Step Six: Personalities (page 21) is USED.
  • Increased Personal Skill Points (page 24) is NOT USED.
  • Hit Points per Location (pages 20, 29) is NOT USED.
  • Total Hit Points (page 30) is NOT USED.
  • Fatigue Points (pages 20, 32) the variation from CF is USED.
  • Sanity (pages 21, 32, 318) is NOT USED.
  • Distinctive Features (pages 34-35) is OPTIONAL.
  • Freeform Professions (page 41) can be USED with GM permission.
  • Aging and Inaction (page 183) TBC.
  • Complimentary Skills (page 50) TBC.
  • Literacy (page 67) is USED. See the Skills page for languages.
  • Research Specialties (page 74) is NOT USED.
  • Skill Ratings Over 100% (page 175) is USED.
  • Personality Traits (page 294) TBC.
  • Races (page 335) is USED. See the Player Character Races page.

Skills Bonuses

  • Skill Category (pages 20, 31, 48) is USED (not the variation in CF).

System and Combat

  • Encumbrance (page 180) TBC.
  • Initiative Rolls (page 188) is NOT USED.
  • Attacks and Parries over 100% (page198) is USED.
  • Strike Ranks (page 199) is NOT USED.
  • Damage and Hit Locations (pages 204-205) is NOT USED.


  • Characters can access multiple powers.
  • Wizard Magic as per CF with variations. See the Wizard Magic page.
  • Priest Magic as per CF with variations. See the Priest Magic page.


  • Allegiance is used as per CF. Allegiances are Good, Neutral, Evil.
  • Most characters start with 5 allegiance points in one of the allegiances.
  • Characters such as priests and shamans who use priest magic will start with 20 allegiance points. See the Priest Magic page for more details.

BRP Optional Rules

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