New Adventures in the Lands of Legend

This is the home page for a campaign set in the Lands of Legend (the world used in the Dragon Warriors RPG). This campaign uses the Chaosium Basic Roleplaying system and the wonderful Classic Fantasy supplement.

The campaign begins with the AD&D module N4 Treasure Hunt. The PCs find themselves chained on board a slavers’ ship. After many days, a wild storm rocks the boat. Shouts and screams can be heard above decks as the ship is pitched and rolled and the wind howls. Most of the other prisoners are herded up on deck to help row. They never return. After some time the decks above are silent. Then with a lurching crash, the ship runs aground, jerking the PCs violently about in their chains. The ship splits apart and cold rain, wind and water rush in through a gaping hole. Through the rainy gloom can be seen a desolate beach…

The story continues in Treasure Island, session 1, where the party frees themselves from their last captor, heads inland to seek shelter from the weather, witnesses a skirmish between goblins and lizard men then rescues a crazy old man.

In Treasure Island, session 2 the old man led the party to shelter in a ruined temple, an avatar of Lassa gave the party a challenge, a ghoul attacked and the party entered the ruined mansion of the Sea King seeking treasure and a way off the island.

In Treasure Island, session 3 the party looted some items from the Sea King’s mansion, found an entrance to the hidden catacombs, was betrayed by the crazy old man and finally found a boat and exit to the sea, although they had to battle the zombie remains of the Sea King and Queen. Sailing from the island the party watched as the fury of Straasha and Lassa was unleashed and the island was destroyed.

The party sailed from the fury of the Elemental Lords, looking for a port to get food, water and shelter in Sailing to Thuland. They met a Thulandish longship then sailed to Vorgenheim for some rest and supplies. There Eorl Vorgen engaged the party to assist in an assault on the Reaver’s outpost.

In Reavers Isle the party landed on the Reaver’s island, met an escaped slave, scouted the island and formulated a plan to enter the stockade. They effected their plan in the second session, when the attack on the stockade began. They breached the inner courtyard of the stockade in a mighty battle.

Meanwhile in far-off Ereworn another band of mercenary adventurers explored a mysterious forest and had strange adventures.


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