Starting values are in parentheses or in notes

Combat Manipulation Perception
Artillery * Art (05) * Insight (05)
Brawl (25) Craft (05) * Listen (25)
Grapple (25) Fine Manipulation (05) * Navigate (10)
Melee Weapon * Heavy Machine (01) * Sense (10)
Missile Weapon * Repair (DEX + INT)* Spot (25)
Shield * Sleight of Hand (05) * Track (10)
Traps (05) *
Communication Mental Physical
Bargain (05) Appraise (05) Climb (40)
Command (05) First Aid (INT x 1) Dodge (DEX x 2)
Disguise (01) Gaming (INT + POW) Drive *
Etiquette (05) * Knowledge * Fly (DEX x ½)
Fast Talk (05) Literacy * Hide (10)
Language * Strategy (01) Jump (25)
Perform (05) * Mapping (25) * Pilot/Sailing(05) *
Persuade (15) Research (25) * Ride (05) *
Teach (10) Stealth (10)
Swim (25)
Throw (25)

*This skill has specialties or notes, see below.

Common Specialties and Skill Notes

The following are the most commonly used specialties for each skill or campaign specific notes.

Artillery: Specialties are equivalent to weapon types (siege engines). Starting values are as per weapon.
Melee Weapon: Specialties are equivalent to weapon classes. Starting values are as per weapon.
Missile Weapon: Specialties are equivalent to weapon classes. Starting values are as per weapon.
Shield: No specialties. When using a shield for parrying the -30% for parries after the first is halved.

Etiquette: By social caste or special group e.g. Courtly Manners, Thieves Guild, Religious Cult, Wizards, Barbarian Tribe. There may be some duplication with other skills, e.g. Thieves Guild and Streetwise, Religious Cult and Cult Lore. All start at 05.
Perform: Act, Conduct Orchestra, Dance, Juggle, Orate, Play (Instrument), Recite, Ritual, Sing and others. Perform (Ritual) is critical for priests to gain new spells. All start at 05.
Language: By language. Typical languages are Common, Elvish, Dwarven, Halfling, Orc, Lizardmen, etc. Own Language starts at INT x 5, some races get a second language at INT x 3, other languages start at 00.

Art: Architecture, Calligraphy, Conceptual Art, Fresco, Oil Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Sketch, Stained Glass, and others. All start at 05.
Craft: Metal, Stone, Gems, Jewelry, Carpentry, Ceramics, Cooking, Leather working, Locksmithing, Potions, and others as appropriate. Potions is used to recognise and make various magic potions. All start at 05.
Fine Manipulation: Can be used for picking locks. Starts at 05.
Heavy Machine: No specialties. Refers to hoists, cranes etc. Starts at 01.
Repair: Called Repair/Devise. No specialties, but only usable for basic repair of items. Alternatively use the appropriate Craft skill at x 2 (easy). Starts at INT + DEX.
Sleight of Hand: Can be used for picking pockets. Starts at 05.
Traps: Safe use and removal of traps. Starts at 05.

First Aid: Starts as INT x 1 (called Physik in Elric).
Knowledge: Academic Lore (01), Animal Training (01), Folklore (01), Poison Lore (01), Known World (15), Politics (01), Religious Lore (01), Cult Lore [Specific] (00), Streetwise (01), Spell Lore (00), Natural World (25).
Spell Lore is used by Mages to determine what spells they can access (common, uncommon, rare) and to increase their INT limit.
Cult Lore is used by Priests to determine what spells they can access (common, uncommon, rare) and increase their POW limit.
Research: no specialty, used for books, scrolls, manuscripts, etc. Starts at 25.
Literacy: By Language. Depending on profession it will start as INT x 5 or INT x 3 INT x 1, 0 for one language.
Mapping: Used to make rough maps not to scale. Must have paper and a writing implement available. Success means that the GM will map the area out as you go through it. More proper maps use Art (Cartography). Starts at 25.

Drive: Carriage or Cart (20), Chariot (20), Dog Sled (01), Sleigh (01), and other vehicles as appropriate to setting.
Pilot: Boats (called Sailing in Elric). Starts at 05.
Ride: Specific land animals, flying animals, or monsters, as appropriate to the setting. Usually Ride (Horse). Starts at 05.


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