Zagro the Warlock

Ta'ashim warlock and mercenary, hunter of jinn


Rank 3 Warlock (Dragon Warriors). Uses bow and spear (typically 2-handed)


Zagro was from Hakbad, in the Emirate of Marazid. He was liberated and befriended during the Crusades by Sir Grimble Bobbleberry. Curiosity, greed (and perhaps a certain unwelcome savour at home) led him to Ellesland in search of adventure. He and Sir Grimble were joined by Aldo of the Brilliantly Coloured Robe (also known as “Ghûl-slayer” by Zagro) in Ereworn, where they investigated the dangers of Gallows Wood. When Aldo was cursed by a spirit there, Zagro enthusiastically joined the quest to kill Duke Darrian, a powerful sorcerer. Unfortunately, the Duke killed Zagro with powerful magic in the top tower of Castle Ereworn.

Zagro the Warlock

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