A dwarven sailor originally from the Grey Hills near Ereworn.



Dwarf Sailor, captain of Lassa’s Grace

Last updated 5/10/2013. Skills in bold have changed since last time
In a sea cave below Skull Island

Age: TBD Good: 1, Neutral: 12, Evil: 0
STR: 16 CON: 17 SIZ: 7 INT: 16 POW: 11 DEX: 12 APP: 11 MOV: 6
Effort: 80% Stamina: 85% Damage Bonus: none Idea: 80% Luck: 55% Agility: 60% Charisma: 55%
Hit Points: 12(/12) Magic Points: 11(/11) Fate Points: 5(/11)

Weapons: Dagger 78%, damage 1D4+2 Impale, 8 HP
Dagger (off-hand) 33%, damage 1D4+2 Impale, 8 HP
Great Hammer 54%, damage 1D10+3 Crush
Short Bow 10%, damage 1D6+1 Impale
Buckler 15%

Armour: Hard Leather (SIZ 7)(1D6/2)

Skills: Bargain 27%, Language (Dwarven) 80%, Language (Common) 48%, Art (Wood/Bone Carving) 33%, Craft (Mining) 81%, Craft (Metal) 48%, Craft (Stone) 38%, Fine Manipulation/Pick Locks 33%, Traps 44%, Appraise 66%, First Aid 60%, Knowledge (Earth Lore) 41%, Knowledge (Natural World) 45%, Knowledge (Streetwise) 19%, Literacy (Dwarven) 48%, Literacy (Common) 26%, Listen 77%, Navigate 70%, Sense 25%, Spot 57%, Climb 81%, Dodge 61%, Pilot (Sailing) 69%, Ride (Horse) 36%, Swim 46%, Throw 69%, Brawl 83%

Notes: Dark hair, dark eyes. Darkvision 20m. Resistance to magic.

Equipment: 2 daggers, short bow, quiver of 9 arrows, hard leather armour, buckler shield, clothes, chains/shackles, bottle of rum (almost empty), cookware, backpack, 83gp, Magical bracers with constellation pattern (which occasionally changes).

Mithril armband, a gift of Skagharin’s dead brother Mori. It has been disguised as silver, but Skagharin will never sell it and will pursue a thief to the ends of the earth. The reavers briefly confiscated it on Treasure Island. Never again.

Magic Bracers of the Seer: These leather bracers were a gift from the spirit of Reavers’ Isle. They are inscribed with patterns of constellations, which change over time, reflecting the sky above. The bracers give +10% to Navigation and Insight rolls, and allow True Seeing once per day.

Ring of Jumping: Skagharin wrested this item from the finger of the demon-priest of Skull Island, and Moonshadow later identified its power (which Skagharin doubts until he sees it in action) namely, that it allows its owner to Jump 10m horizontally or 3m vertically four times per day.
Due to Skagharin’s magic resistance, this will fumble on 80-100.

Glowing gem, also captured from the demon-priest. Skagharin cannot identify this crystal’s origins or its powers.

Magic: None

Party Treasure (stashed in Lassa’s Grace): mace, silver dinnerware, Sea King’s coronet, chainmail, 590gp

You used to say the highway was your home
But we both know that that ain’t true.
It’s just the only place a man can go
When he don’t know where he’s travelling to.

— Steve Earle, Ft. Worth Blues
There’s a hole in this mountain; it’s dark and it’s deep
And God only knows all the secrets it keeps.
There’s a chill in the air only miners can feel
And there’s ghosts in the hollows that the Company sealed.

— Steve Earle, The Mountain

Brave, tough and crafty dwarf sailor. Cautious and pragmatic. Former miner of the Grey Hills of Ereworn, but does not talk of his past. Wears a mithril armband, disguised as silver, crafted by his dead brother Mori. Skagharin will never sell it and will pursue a thief to the ends of the earth.

Skagharin trusts skill and steel over gods, magic or elves. He hopes to live a long time, so he is prepared to take the time to learn skills he needs to survive. For example, during his sailing career he learned to defend himself in brawls. Since Treasure Island he realises he might need to train up with heavier weapons and armour.


Skagharin was a miner from the Grey Hills. He persuaded his brother Mori to begin prospecting in a shaft which had been abandoned and sealed off by their clan. They dug deep and found mithril. Mori crafted an armband out of the precious substance, which Skagharin still wears. But something was woken by their labours. That thing slaughtered Mori, and would have taken Skagharin too had he not fled upwards and outwards. Since then he has preferred the wildest waters of the world to its deep and sinister fissures.

Relationships with other party members

(from a conversation with Nick)

Lorien Moonshadow: Moonshadow is an elf, a sorcerer, with alien intelligence, unearthly good looks and mysterious motivation. Skagharin mistrusts all aspects of him instinctively. Yes, they both hate goblins and show them no mercy, but Skagharin is only an accidental warrior, so would be more likely to avoid serious fights. Moonshadow he knows would seek them out. Moon man is just frightening. A sorcerer, and a devil with the blade and capital T for Trouble.

Brutarl: Skagharin thinks he’s pretty mad, bad, and dangerous to know, but useful in a tight spot. Brutarl is a barbarian, not thoughtful, but fast and tough. Skagharin thinks he has him worked out, and can certainly complement his bravado and recklessness with caution, intelligence and pragmatism (if he will listen).

Dintari: Dintari and Skagharin are more or less on the same page — sensible and pragmatic, even if Skagharin thinks Dintari is a little on the green and idealistic side — he’s only human after all.

Parius: Skagharin gets along with him quite well, though Parius is half elf and a dreamer. Skagharin doesn’t trust gods or magic, and Parius deals with both. But Parius doesn’t quite know if he trusts gods either, so there’s a point of similarity. Ultimately, no one but the gods could hate Parius, and Skagharin is no god.

Freilen: Skagharin doesn’t know which is worse, the angelically beautiful and deadly Lorien Moonshadow, or this sinister, shadowy and ugly elf. However he does enjoy that the two don’t exactly get along.


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