Sir Edgard of Brockton

Stalwart knight and jousting master


Bright red hair cropped short.
Large red moustache.
Tall and strong.
Coat of arms:

Squire is Padraig.
Wife is Lady Angela


Bailiff of Brockton, returned from a hunt to find that an ogre had come down from the mountains and taken his castle, imprisoned his wife and set himself up as Lord. In fear of the Ogre killing his wifre, he guarded the bridge to his lands, denying access to all who will not fight him.

After being defeated by Sir Grimble Bobbleberry in a duel, Sir Grimble demanded as his reward that Sir Edgard help the companions to defeat the Ogre and rescue Sir Edgard’s wife. The plan succeeded and Sir Edgard is a firm friend and ally of the companions.

Sir Edgard of Brockton

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