A crazy old man on the island of Viladel. Slain by Brutarl.


Much of what Keestake said was crazy rambling, but some information on his life could be gleaned:

  • He was a young groom who served Viladel, the Sea King many years ago.
  • The island was sacked by pirates and Viladel was killed along with his family, household and the inhabitants of the village.
  • The village was burnt to the ground and the other buildings were sacked.
  • The pirates made off with all the treasure they could find but they didn’t know about the catacombs under the manor where Viladel’s son was buried.
  • Keestake hid under an overturned boat while the island was sacked.
  • Keestake has been alone on the island since then. He has been living on rats, wild vegetables and the occasional goat he has caught.
  • There are the catacombs under the manor where Viladel’s son was buried with weapons and armour and sacks of gold, a few servents and a little boat to sail them away.
  • There is hidden opening from the catacombs to the sea.
  • The lizard men arrived only a few days ago.
  • The lizard men captured him and tried to get him to reveal where Viladel’s treasure was hidden.
  • The goblins arrived a couple of days after the lizard men.
  • The lizard men and goblin leaders spoke but couldn’t agree and have been skirmishing since. He thinks the goblins want to use the island as their new base.
  • Keestake told the lizard men there was treasure in the hills hoping he could escape them there. When the lizard men took him to show them the treasure a group of goblins followed them and then the fought. After the battle he was found by the PCs.

See the adventure log ( Treasure Island, session 1) for Keestake’s dealings with the PCs. Keestake’s mind finally snapped when he led the PCs into the catacombs under Viladel’s mansion. Keestake sealed the entrance and started rambling about how he would now serve his master forever, and the PCs too. He insanely attacked the PCs with a dagger he had concealed, but was quickly slain by Brutarl, with a single thrust of a dagger through the throat. Ironically the dagger Brutarl used was once weilded by Keestake’s master, Viladel.


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