Jorry Muttonchops

Jorry is a halfling trapper from the lowlands of Glissom. He has large, bushy muttonchops on the sides of his face.


Jorry was captured by Slavers who raided the coasts of Glissom. He was taken by ship to the Slaver’s island and led into the Slaver’s stockade with the other slaves. Before being taken inside the keep, Jorry was able to escape and hide in the courtyard under cover of a wild storm. He entered a door into the curtain wall and found the area unused by the slavers. Making a makeshift rope from old curtains and other rags, Jorry escaped from the stockade and made his way to the other side of the island. He sheltered amongst some scraggly trees and rocks and found some tubers that he was able to eat.

He was discovered by Brutarl hiding and watching the PCs as they landed in the sheltered bay on the north of the island. When questioned, Jorry was able to tell the PCs all he knew about the Slaver’s operation on the island, in return for food, a swig of Skagharin’s rum and the promise to be rescued from the island when the PCs leave.

Jorry Muttonchops

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