Traumatised mystic and former prisoner of Duke Darian


Jonulf is of average height and slight build. He is thin and gaunt, with a growth of unkempt beard. His lock of thick black hair has developed streaks of grey after being held prisoner by Duke Darian for several weeks. He is currently suffering from malnutrition, fatigue and atrophy.


2nd rank Mystic suffering long term psychic fatigue due to the horrors of castle Ereworn.

Was a disciple of one of the cunning folk of Ereworn, who taught him the history if the Crystal of Elvaron. Friends with Merec the priest (dec), together they embarked on an ill-fated mission to confront Duke Darian and recover a shard of the Crystal.

Jonulf was rescued from Duke Darian’s torture chamber by Aldo of the Brilliantly Coloured Robe, Sir Grimble Bobbleberry, Zagro the Warlock and Nameless X and now he proudly travels with them.


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