The Duke must die! third session

The upper levels

Knight Fight

Two black knights and their whelps heard the hubbub and gave chase. Arrows took the hounds; spears and blade to the rest.

Throne of Evil

Strange tapestries wove flying devils which screeched and attacked. A secret compartment in the throne unfurled a ribbon stair from above.

The Cultist

A putrid temple with a mad old priest. More demons caged, then released.


Black guards aplenty with gambling decks. Taken by surprise; no chance for them now.

Fake Duke

A rich bed with a foul occupant, quickly dispatched. Nameless X found a shiny (but useless) sword and a secret door behind the grate.

Duke Darrian

tigerhead-left.pngFirst Nameless then Sir Grimble imprisoned with a glance. The old Duke stands there, a phantom swordsman by his side. Zagro drinks a potion and leaps, a snarling sabretooth – into deadly lightning bolts from the sorcerer’s hands. The phantom strikes and misses Aldo, who hurls the spear of Ereworn —

The old and frail body of Duke Darian is dead and bleeding on the floor of the top room of his tower, impaled on the Spear of Ereworn. The body of Zagro the Warlock lies nearby, a large hole burnt into his side and his fine ringmail torn asunder by the evil magic of the Duke. Sir Grimble Bobbleberry is saddened by the passing of his friend, even though he was a strange foreigner with a large nose and Bobbleberry had trouble remembering his name. Aldo of the Brilliantly Coloured Robe is feeling much relieved as there is no longer a phantom sword hanging over his head. Nameless X examines the sword he picked out of Darian’s dead hands, wondering if it will also snap as easily as the one he found on the floor below. Meanwhile Jonulf, the rescued prisoner, hangs back near the entrance. He is excited that a segment of the Crystal of Elvaron has been found, despite also feeling sad at the loss of his good friend Merec, priest of the True Faith, who was tortured to death in Darian’s dungeons. He is suffering from malnutrition, fatigue and atrophy, and has a mental block that is preventing the use of the mind techniques he was taught by his mentor. Hopefully he can overcome his psychic block and help rid Ereworn of its curse.


NickDaniel nehwon

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