The Duke must die! second session

Into the dungeons

After a rough night in the abandoned room in Ereworn Castle, the four adventurers Sir Grimble Bobbleberry, Zagro the Warlock, Aldo of the Brilliantly Coloured Robe and Nameless X descended past the kitchen to the cellar. But the steps kept descending to a strange underground dining room. Rotting food and trash covered the tables, but the torches were lit and a curious magical fire burned without cease in the grate. Zagro found a secret cupboard with motionless zombie servants; he shut the door hastily. Nameless X noticed a passageway beyond the fireplace. He dived through the fire but could not escape some burns.

The Jailer

In the corridor beyond, Nameless X heard — and saw — a huge man approaching: the Jailer! Hearing Nameless’ shouts, the others joined the battle. The jailer captured Sir Grimble with a magical chain, but died soon.

Torture chamber

They found the prison and torture chamber. A man was tormented on the rack by skeletons with red-hot pokers. He was Jonulf, a broken mystic.

The Oubliette

Something called for help from one of the dark oubliette’s near the prison. But ascending the rope was a monstrous thing indeed, and hard to kill.

Black knight attack

They climbed up stairs from the prison, and found themselves in one of the towers. A black knight attacked them, in vain.

Zombie archers

Zombie archers aimed their weapons into the courtyard below; they did not expect to be attacked from the towers. The adventurers made short work of them.

The broken window

The wind howled through a broken window in front of an empty pedestal in a great hall. Weary Jonulf explained the history of the crystal with which the last sorcerer-king had kept evil from the kingdom, and what happened after.


NickDaniel nehwon

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