The Duke must die! fourth session

Dawn without Darrian

A troubled night’s sleep

Nameless X flings the Duke’s head from the window. Weary from the battle, the adventurers sleep. A pale stranger comes a-calling; Sir Grimble wrestles him downstairs and he flees.

Purifying the temple

Holy water from Aldo’s cup sizzles darkness away. Jonulf observes the horse-skull’s no longer evil.

The trap-door

Beyond the throne room, coffins upon coffins: one above, pulsing magic and six below an old trap-door, rotten through but Jonulf so frail from torture that he skips over it like a child. But where is the pale visitor?

Attack of the wolf

wolf.pngNo pale man but the direst of wolves haunts the halls beyond. If not for strong blows from Sir Grimble, Nameless X and Aldo, they and Jonulf too would be wolf-food.

Towers, crypts and gates

The tower of illusions

Up, up the darkened northern tower, pursued by chittering shadows, Jonulf recoils from the door at the top but its dangers are mundane: a spear trap, deftly sidestepped. Beyond the door is the bedroom of the dead lady Alyssa, who preferred to starve to death rather than endure the Duke’s company – and who could blame her?

Coffin-crawler Jonulf

Nameless X decided that lantern-bearer Jonulf should earn his keep; the rest lower him down to the six sarcophagi. All are empty but one, plush with cushions: the coffin of the pale one. That one is not here, but a mirror-gate leads back to the kitchens and courtyard.

The halberd of Ereworn

A weapons room in chaos near the exit and there, gleaming, the Halberd of Ereworn. But axes, arrows and swords fling themselves at our heroes. Brave Sir Grimble risks the blows and grasps the halberd from its resting place.

Walking free

liftarn_Gravestone_with_pumpkin.pngThe Duke is dead. The companions pause to bury their former companion Zagro. They walk from the dark castle toward the Pagan Mountains and Jonulf’s monastery.


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