Reavers' Isle, session #3, 2nd December 2011

From the Runes of Skagharin

Battle for the inner courtyard

The Thulanders arrive

Shouts rang out and torchlight flickered on the outer courtyard as the main force of Thulanders entered the stockade. Skagharin gave Svein Karlssen a quick summary of the outer courtyard battle. Karlssen gestured and a a detachment of Thulanders entered the gatehouse to mop up the surviving guards. Dintari went with them. Impatient Brutarl charged towards the inner courtyard portcullis (which was stuck half-closed). Svein Karlssen and the rest of the Thulanders accompanied him. After a pause, Skagharin followed along behind, stopping briefly to retrieve usable arrows from the corpses of the goblins in the centre of the courtyard. He heard a shriek from behind and saw a hobgoblin plummet from the outer guard tower. Dintari and the Thulanders would make short work of them.

Into battle

With a roar, Brutarl and the Thulanders wrenched the portcullis upwards and surged into the inner courtyard. Skagharin ran through and found himself in a chaotic melee. Torchlight flickered, steel met steel. There were the shouts of men and hobgoblins all around. Skagharin spotted several hobgoblins emerging from a tower behind the Thulanders. Skagharin was no warrior, but now was no time for cowardice. He rushed over along the wall and stabbed at one of them — but his dagger was easily turned by the hobgoblin’s chainmail. The hobgoblin turned with a snarl. Think smart, thought Skagharin. He aimed his dagger just so at a chink in the armour and stabbed quickly. The hobgoblin’s snarl turned to surprise as he collapsed, clasping at his spilling guts. Skagharin stabbed again and again, and another hobgoblin went down.

Ogre and Scimitar-man

Ogre attackWith a mighty roar a huge Ogre armed with a mighty mace appeared behind the hobgoblin troops, flanked by an evil-looking warrior with a scimitar. “’Ware Ogres!” shouted Skagharin.

Moonshadow, who had been fighting nearby, immediately blasted the Ogre with some magic which made the thing roar with pain and fury. Brutarl faced the ogre with his sword Peacemaker. Scimitar-man charged towards Moonshadow with a sneer, making him miss a shot. Skagharin saw Dintari enter the portcullis, and they both ran across the courtyard to Moonshadow’s side. Scimitar-man fought well and fearlessly, but Moonshadow and Dintari the soldier fought well too. Even Skagharin managed to outflank and nick him a few times. Eventually the warrior panicked and ran, but Dintari ran him through with his short sword.

How to kill an Ogre

The Ogre too, had taken too many wounds from Peacemaker. He ran through the doors into the main building, pursued by Brutarl, Moonshadow, Dintari and Skagharin. The Ogre fled to the end of a huge room, while Moonshadow shot at it with arrows and Skagharin threw a heavy bannister at it. Closing in for the kill with the others, Skagharin stepped between the Ogre’s legs and slit his belly open with his dagger. He wasn’t prepared for the mass of guts which slopped out all over him, but at least he was nimble enough to dodge the great body as it fell with a crash to the floor.


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