Reaver's Isle, session #6, 4th January 2013

From the Runes of Skagharin

Daylight on Reaver’s Isle

Skagharin emerged from the underground feeling quite satisfied. He found Thulanders moving to and fro, taking supplies from the stockade to their boats. Svein Karlssen was among them. With him were several slaves including a queer-looking, quiet short one — some kind of extremely ugly Elf by the looks of it. Skagharin felt uneasy. "We leave by the morning tide, " said Karlssen. “This one goes with you.” He gestured to the odd slave.

“What are we, some sort of elder race clearing house?” muttered Skagharin under his breath, but neither Moonshadow nor the others said anything, so Skagharin shrugged and said “Our boat lies this way. Can you sail?”

“No,” said the ugly stranger.

Bodies on the beach

They marched north. Parius expressed a desire to visit the stone circle in the swamp. “Didn’t you have enough of being sucked under the earth there last time?” asked the dwarf. But Parius said it was different now, and he lingered alone to perform some ritual. Skagharin, Dintari, Brutarl, Moonshadow and the new stranger, who called himself Freilen marched north to the bay.

When they got to the dunes they spied figures on the beach. Armed figures, surrounding a bound figure. “I have some skill with scouting,” said Freilen. “I can see who they are.” He crept off, unusually quietly. Lorien Moonshadow waved his hands and disappeared. Damnable elves and their ways! Skagharin was glad to be rid of them. “What are we waiting for?” said Brutarl, spoiling for a fight. Skagharin marvelled at his unusual forbearance.

The fight came. “Three goblins surrounding a woman.” said Freilin, returning as quietly as he’d left. It must be Melisana! Down on the beach, Lorien had already begun the attack, popping out of invisibility. Brutarl and Dintari rushed down the dunes to join the fight. Freilen and Skagharin threw some rocks (and Skagharin noticed a third rock thrower to their right), then Skagharin pulled out his daggers and joined the fight. Soon the goblins were dead or dying, but Melisana was also beyond help. Dintari fell to his knees, distraught.

The evening tide

Parius joined them at the boat and they gave Melisana a burial at sea. Dintari recalled that her family lived at Criggen Varras in Cornumbria, so they resolved to travel there after collecting their reward at Vorgenheim. There was one more passenger (Skagharin rolled his eyes). The third rock-thrower in the dunes was of course Jorry Muttonchops, the escaped halfling slave. The evening tide came in and Lassa’s Grace sailed away from Reaver’s Isle.

Ship on waves371x109


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