Reavers' Isle, session #4, 30th March 2012

From the Runes of Skagharin

Translators note: this fragment of the Runes of Skagharin was incomplete; the author’s carvings were partially burnt.

To the victor the spoils

  • Karlssen wounded “To the victor the spoils.”
  • Parius: "O the violence!
  • Dintari and Skagharin free the slaves
  • Trapped chest of gold
  • Skagharin and Lorien each suspect poison

Tales by firelight

  • Vikings say they will deal with the ship but do nothing and it escapes
  • tales and ale of inferior quality

Silent guardians

  • Into the dungeon – water, a draft, boarded up
  • Johnny automatic dancing skeletonsSkeletons – Dintari, Moonshadow, Skagharin retreat; Brutarl charges
  • Dintari bashes one to pieces with his shield: “Next time you’ll remember to drink your milk!”
  • SKagharin hits one with Parius’ staff
  • Moonshadow’s charlatan spells fail spectacularly
  • Brutarl smashes several, and Lorien efficiently takes out a couple
  • Evil priest den and unholy shrine (Parius cleanses)
  • But the priest has escaped on the ship


NickDaniel nehwon

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