Outer Islands, third session

From the Runes of Skagharin

The wizard’s workroom

alchemy.pngSure enough, Moonshadow had found trouble. He had wandered downstairs, back to the cellar, and found a secret door. Fortunately Freilen (who always seemed to have his eye on the tall elf) noticed his departure and led the others down after him. They found a secret workroom. There were several more zombies surrounding the body of a wizard. Even more disturbing — a pentagram was inscribed on the floor. It contained a hateful undead creature which looked evilly at the companions. The zombies attacked and were quickly dealt with. Dintari warned the others not to obscure the pentacle. The wizard, it turned out, was still alive, though barely.

Wizard’s treasure

red-pentagr.pngBehind the pentagram, perilously close to it, was a door. Moonshadow deftly crept through it but Skagharin wanted to go no closer to the thing in the pentagram. Freilen also slipped by. Moonshadow emerged with reports of a hidden chest of treasure. Skagharin’s eyes lit up — but he still kept his eye on the undead thing in the circle. After recovering the treasure, they sealed the cellar with the undead thing still inside.

Buried treasure

It was Frankie who had the idea of burying the treasure on the island; all agreed. They found a deserted beach not far from the forest, and buried the treasure deep, for later recovery. Then they considered what to do with the mage.

In the end, they carried the vegetative wizard back to Lord Urgyle and explained the situation. Urgyle asked many questions, but in the end he released his prisoner, Ragnar of Durndorth

Ragnar of Durndorth

Skagharin gave a show of treating Ragnar roughly on the way back to Lassa’s Grace, but once on board he released the dwarf from his bonds and told him of their mission. Ragnar was keen to return to Durndorth but Skagharin insisted he should instead return to Owain the Merchant in Criggen Varas. He had no wish to linger longer on the Isle of Scarsy.

Return to Criggen Varas

Lassa’s Grace pulled out with the morning tide. As the Isle of Scarsy fell away, Skagharin felt some relief at having evaded Lord Urgyle’s tax-collectors. He knew they must return — both to collect their buried treasure and possibly to help Ragnar back to his homeland, but for now the dangers of Enom Tor were behind them.


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