Outer Islands, first session

From the Runes of Skagharin

The Outer Islands


A winter voyage

It was the 16th day of Baelmonth, winter time and not the best for sea voyaging. Nevertheless Skagharin and his crew reckoned it would be possible to make the Isle of Scarsy. Skagharin knew of the place through his travels up and down this coast. He estimated about three days’ sail. Fortune’s fickle though; he estimated wrongly. Soon Lassa’s Grace was outfitted and the city of Criggen Varas slipped away abaft the beam.

Corpse afloat

After a day or so, Frankie spotted what looked like a raft with a castaway aboard. Skagharin steered the ship close by and Frankie jumped down to investigate. As he did so, Skagharin heard a noise on the other side of the ship. He turned and saw fish-like boarders creeping up over the railing.

Sea-devil attack!

Moonshadow, Freilin, Dintari and Skagharin rushed to defend their ship. More fish-men emerged from the sea, firing crossbow bolts from the water. Meanwhile Frankie found only a bloated corpse on the raft below — a baited trap! The battle was short and sharp. Skagharin and Freilin were wounded with arrows but the sea-devils were driven off the boat and back to the briny depths.

Man overboard

A day after the seadevil attack a sudden gust of wind almost tipped the boat over. Everyone was jolted, but Dintari stumbled and fell overboard. Frankie tied a rope to himself and swan dived — only to crack his head on the railing and plummet into the water unconscious. Two men overboard! Cursing, Skagharin dived in to save his friend (who was a poor swimmer), while the elves hauled Frankie aboard. Wet and bedraggled, they continued their voyage to the Isle of Scarsy.

Isle of Scarsy

Lassa’s Grace floated into Scarsy Harbour after six days at sea. Scarsy Town was a typical small fishing village. The crew disembarked and made their way to a harbourside tavern. After some warming ales, the locals recommended a visit to the local lord, Lord Urgyle. They were more reticent with regard to Ragnar of Derndorth, though they did mention a colony of dwarves elsewhere on the island.

Meeting with Lord Urgyle

It was a short trip up the hill to Lord Urgyle’s manor. After a brief wait he granted them an audience. As it turned out, his opinion of Ragnar of Derndorth was low: “a smuggler and a thief”. Dintari gave him the impression that Ragnar was wanted for further punishment by Owain of Criggen Varas. Urgyle agreed to hand over the dwarf in exchange for help with a certain matter. The nearby beacon tower of Carthadon had gone dark, except for a strange shimmering light a week ago. The healer in charge of the tower had made no report. Urgyle wanted someone to investigate. Dintari agreed to perform the task.


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