Ostalin Abbey, session 1

Back to the Nameless Village

Along the mountain trails, Sir Grimble finds his lost steed Lady Buttercup. Jonulf finds a dead knight’s furs to keep out the chill.

Foaming Ale

The Duke’s death is announced to general jubilation. The village elder grants our heroes the freedom of the village — to the inkeepers annoyance. For three days, the lumpy beds and poor food of the Horned Satyr are home; and like paradise to poor tortured Jonulf, who slowly regains his strength. Sir Grimble drinks steadily.

Midnight visitors

Nameless X, restless, sees hideous shapes outlined against the moon. Three monsters land near the village. One vomits in the well while the others menace the cattle. Nameless X bolts for the field while Jonulf wakes the snoring Sir Grimble and Aldo of the Magnificently Coloured Robe.

Aldo uses sorcery to Command the well monster to attack its fellows. It does so but gets torn apart by the things. Nameless X closes, flinging glinting throwing stars. Aldo blasts impressively ineffective flaming bolts at the creatures.

Weird-shadow-of-a-dog-by-Rones.pngSir Grimble emerges from the inn, armour-clad and shouting war cries. Jonulf gets into the spirit of things and blows the magical hunting horn which he has carried from Duke Darrian’s castle. To his horror four red-eyed hellhounds, snapping and growling, coalesce from the mist. They don’t look at all friendly, and they leap towards Jonulf and the knight.

waielbi-chevalier.pngOut in the fields Nameless X slashes the monsters with his magical longsword while flaming bolts flicker past in the night; he chops one, then another, killing the creatures. But one foul beak pecks him on the neck, drawing blood.

Sir Grimble’s armour protects him from the worst of the snapping hellhounds, as he lays about him with the Halberd of Ereworn. Jonulf, inspired by the knight’s ramblings about courage and war, stabs one then another with his shortsword. They wound two and the others slink off. But Sir Grimble pursues — he doesn’t want these things worrying the village. Aldo joins them as they follow the blood trail to the edge of the forest. There they find the remaining hellhounds and put paid to them.


NickDaniel nehwon

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