Ereworn Coast, fifth session

From the Runes of Skagharin

Sea voyage to Criggen Varas

Farewell to Brutarl

Lassa’s Grace made ready to cast off from Skull Island and its miserable village. But Brutarl was having none of it. He plucked his weapons and some treasures from the hold and strode off into the hills, barely looking back.

Aground…at sea

Things were a lot quieter without impatient Brutarl around. The ship sailed through the waves and Skagharin was slightly cheered by finally having another halfway competent sailor on board. But Fate punishes those who get too cocky, and there was a terrible wrenching sound as the boat struck a submerged rock. Skagharin cursed but Lassa’s Grace did not break up and he managed to steer the her out of danger. He ignored Moonshadow’s scornful gaze. If that preening alien would spend as much time learning to sail as combing his hair these dangers might never have happened!

Tower in the sea

The next day, Freilen spotted a strange tower in the sea. Skagharin altered course to investigate. It was a stone tower with shuttered windows. Its closed wooden door was very close to sea level, though not awash. The crew disembarked to investigate. Frankie heard a strange splash near the boat, but saw nothing. Frelin considered climbing up to the tower window. Suddenly the tower trembled. Skagharin ordered everyone back to the boat. No sooner than they had boarded Lassa’s Grace and cast off, the mysterious tower sank beneath the waves.

Criggen Varas

On the fourth day at sea they sighted Criggen Varas. They paid the harbour taxes and went ashore. Dintari, Skagharin and Frankie visited the market place to sell their treasures, while the elves remained aboard. Skagharin let Dintari do the talking.

After selling their wares, the crew of Lassa’s Grace sought the merchant Owain, father of the unfortunate Melisana. His mansion was up on the hill.

The house of Owain

Owain was very distressed to hear of his daughter’s death. The adventurers retired to their inn but later received a message from the merchant. He apologised for his rudeness and invited them to share his hospitality, but please not to attend his daughter’s funeral. The mansion was very comfortable after the rigours of the last few weeks.

Skagharin spent some time training. After all he had seen, he had decided he needed more skill in heavy combat, not just tavern-brawling. And if it were to be heavy, no bones about it then. None of this prancing about like an elf. He bought himself a huge double-handed hammer, quite similar to his mining sledgehammers of old; it would crack skulls as well as rocks if necessary.

Adventurers’ bond

Later, Owain sent for the adventurers again. There was, he said, a dwarf named Ragnar of Derndorth, a trading partner from Scarsy, one of the outer islands of Ellesland. This Ragnar had disappeared a few months back, and Owain was keen to contact him over some unpaid debts. Owain agreed to pay 400 gold if Ragnar could be found.

Skagharin, Moonshadow, Dintari, Freilin and Frankie eyed each other. They had faced many dangers together. They agreed to stay together and adventure aboard Lassa’s Grace, sharing any treasure gained. Dintari accepted Owain’s offer.


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